Singapore Tourism Board

Case Study: Tourism Industry

 (Singapore Government) 


To design a novel and interactive method to highlight the attractions of Singapore and attract tourists to specific tourist locations throughout Singapore.

Web3Create developed a mobile interactive story game, where players  can interact with the story by visiting famous locations in and around Singapore.

Players can discover specific locations and shopping sites by interacting  in the game winning rewards, solving quizzes and visiting merchants websites

Web3create was able to offer a unique experience for players and a exciting opportunity for government and merchants to interact directly within a game with customers 

  • RPG Game: Singapore Wonderland  
  • Game: Unity 
  • Token: ERC 1155
  • Design: Single payer RPG 

NFT in game Tokens: 1 million (rewards for players) 

  • Tourism Sector – Singapore Merchants 
  • 10-20 LEVELS  each level represents 1 tourist attraction content (website) 
  • Players complete quizzes, challenges, missions within Game
  • Players receive in game rewards (points) and NFTs when completing challenges to purchase products from vendors website.


  • Merchants can reach consumers with clear demographics   
  • Merchants can sell products in game and link to physical objects 
  • Users can be rewarded with Merchant Branded NFTs and rewards   
  • Users can stake NFTs from in game purchases receive APR.

RPG Storyline: Singapore Wonderland

Table of Contents

  • Level 1.Gates of Singapore.
  • Level 2. Touch of Jewel.
  • Level 3. Rescue at Mandai Zoo
  • Level 4. Universal Life 

Single player RPG game encompassing 4 tourist attractions located in Singapore The purpose is to introduce the attractions and unique sights Singapore has to offer in game play environment for people wishing to come to Singapore in the future.

There are many attractions in the game directly related to Singapore so user can become familiar when visiting in Singapore. 

Players enter the game read and learn about Singapore’s attractions and history then we start the game by entering through the Gates of Singapore 

Players get to experience different worlds at each level themed around the main attraction website.

Players can earn tokens by visiting attractions websites and purchasing products

NFTs can also be introduced into the game as images from famous Singapore attractions

Game Level 1. Gates of Singapore

Players start their adventure in the game by entering though airport doors into the lands of beauty and magic, marvel and adventure!

“We hope that your flight was successful and that you are ready to receive experiences that will warm your heart for decades to come” says the voice to start the game.

Gardens by the Bay stand just outside the gates. But Be warned!

There is always something blooming in the Gardens, something that enchants your attention and gifts you more than you can carry. From the misty veils of the Cloud Forest, where the tallest indoor waterfalls around the world flow, to biomes of Floral Fantasy, where a line between real life and magic vanishes.

From aromatic Flower Dome full of foreign plants and smells to living Kingfisher Wetlands, the beating heart of Singapore’s city center! Truly, a step out of the airport could become the first step into a utopia full of joy and amazement.

However, there are hundreds of paths one can take and it might be difficult to navigate through such a rich and bountiful maze. To get a good head start into the wonderland that is Singapore, here is a riddle to light your mood on fire:

We dance in light and dazzle, in caressing winds through which the minds travel. We grow high and spread our wings as beacons of light. We sing in the Grove and all those who hear can join our call. Alas we do not know, what is our performance called?

The correct answer is Garden Rhapsody, (tokens awarded for correct choice)

Players could possibly pick from Supertree Grove, Supertree Observatory, Live Musicians, Sun Pavilion, Cloud Forest, or other attractions/terms found on the website. (NFTs)

Game Level 2. Touch of Jewel 

Ahh, I see that you had successfully explored Gardens by the Bay. You must be ravenous!

All that exploration and adventure must be extremely tiring. Please, join me on a stroll in my lavish banquet on Jewel Chang Airport…

Ahh, I can hear the growl of your belly from here! Luckily, there are hundreds of restaurants and eateries at our disposal. (NFTs from merchants are displayed here) tokens rewarded for purchases

All of them serve the best foods one can find: a succulent yet tender stake made of finest meat for the fiercest hunters or handpicked soybeans for the most cunning gatherers; a traditional soup of crabs and calms; a modern burger for the minds who move fast and accurately. Discount tickets

Ahh, I must have caught your attention by now. Let’s not tatter and reveal all the cards, shall we? Before you go and fill yourself (by the way, I would most definitely recommend all-you-can-eat places), I would like to present you another invitation. 

It seems that luck truly shines upon you, as we currently run a special event. A treasure hunt! (Treasure hunt challenge, find the clues to the treasure receive tokens as rewards for interacting with merchants)

As you sample every dish that suits you the most and visit the shopping malls for knickknacks and more, you will need tokens to procure the goods. Ahh but this is where the fun just begins, as opposed to the usual said after such words!

In Jewel Chang there are many puzzles to be solved, treasures to be revealed. (Tokens as reward) and they all lie in various attractions that we offer. Such as mysterious Mirror Maze or Foggy Bowls found directly in the airport! Or you would be rather interested in taking a walk or a bounce in Manulife Sky Nets? No?

Then perhaps you wish more adventure, which can be found in the most famous Jewel-Rassic Quest?

From Canopy Park to Shiseido Forest Valley, whichever your choice is I am sure you will find what you are looking for and more. Ahh… and good luck in the hunt!

Game Level 3. Rescue at Mandai Zoo 

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Again! For the hundreds of times, I ask myself, why do people trust the Jewel? If he was truly a cat, he would reek of the most luxurious fermented shroom secret!

Do not tell me he caught you on that treasure hunt thing. Well what now? A Jewel-Rassic Quest it was?

No wonder people are getting trapped in the Mandai zoo nowadays! In any case, pardon for my bestial manners.

I am Keeper of Mandai Singapore Zoo. You are happened to be here because, well, one of our protected animals tends to trick and deceive the tourists. 

He is extremely difficult to catch, uses camouflages and sometimes, as you can see, captures people! Tends to say a lot of “ahh” too. Does that ring a bell?

It’s Jewel! Jewel had also influenced some of the animals here to go wicked. So, if you wish to continue your journey through Singapore, you will first need to find your way out of Mandai.

Unfortunately, I have a, well, a tight schedule and cannot help you at this moment. Today I am responsible for introducing elephants, fossa, gibbons, pygmy hippo and the white lion in Keeper Talks.

Visit our virtual zoo and learn about the animals in the zoo (tokens for completing the game quizzes related to Mandai zoo animals)

I also run a couple of shows today, Splash Safari and Rainforest Fights Back. You are welcome to join me if you are interested, of course. No? (tokens for visiting and purchasing products)

All righty then, I wish you to be crafty and responsible for yourself. Do not go off the path, some animals are especially wicked today! I suggest making an exit out of Level 3 via Jurassic Park ride from Universal Studios theme park to connect the levels.

Game Level 4. Universal Life 

“Hahaha! Rexy roars, she is hungry for more!

More joy, more adrenaline in their veins. More rides and fun, only to be a stopped for a quick change into the second movie, second universe! Rexy travels around the world of fantasy and fiction, she knows no bounds, no limits. Haha! Let her riiiide!”

 You (the player) are sitting in the roller coaster; dozens of others squirm and shout in excitement as the vehicle takes a second deathloop. You see a sign of Battlestar Galactica, a famous movie franchise, fly past you in a blink of an eye. 

Your eyes wander in the distance, where a mummified corpse laughs at the tourists in Revenge Of The Mummy carousel. (tokens for riding and completing the rides in the game)

What is going on here? You almost ask aloud. And suddenly the same speaker you had heard before turns at you from the front chair, somehow holding during the ride despite the free seatbelts.

It’s a cat. A cat wearing a pair of boots.

“Are you ready to explore the never-ending thrill that is life of Singapore? Ha! So I thought. Venture out into the Universal Studio theme park and experience the greatest moments.

But remember, here you will be never alone, for everywhere you go, heroes from your favorite stories will be there for you!” The cat winks. It’s Puss In Boots from Shrek!

In an instant, the roller coaster disappears and the player are left to adventure on their own in the theme park

NFTs and attraction photos related to Singapore

  • indicates actions in the storyline where NFT and in game rewards are offered during the gameplay to incentivize users while seamlessly integrating merchants products into the story.
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