About Web3Create

Web3Create is an innovative technology company based out of Singapore.

We provide Ai and Dx training for company and government officials for reskilling companies  workforce.


At Web3Create, we recognize the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our mission

Is to provide comprehensive AI training and course development programs that empower individuals and organizations to unlock the full potential of AI technology.

Through our cutting-edge curriculum

Expert instructors, and hands-on practical exercises, we aim to cultivate a strong desire within individuals to acquire essential AI skills and knowledge.

By participating in our training programs

Individuals can develop the expertise needed to effectively leverage AI, enabling them to enhance their professional capabilities, remain competitive, and contribute to the digital transformation of their respective industries.

Overall, our goal is to facilitate the seamless reskilling of the workforce, bridging the AI skills gap, and empowering individuals to embrace the limitless possibilities of AI for personal growth and organizational success.

Our Team


Wayne. A

An entrepreneur, respected for maximizing productivity and streamlining operations.

My passion is to create a unique growth business that can benefit today's society. With over 15 years experience in the business and education fields while in japan.

With my teaching experience and unique perspective for culture and communication. I am able to bring my knowledge and experience to create interactive learning opportunities using advanced Ai and Dx technologies for companies and individuals.


Steve. L

Steven brings a practical and business oriented approach in his recommendations and avoids "HR speaks". He is among the first of the coveted few Certified Performance Technologist (ISPI) in Asia.

He is listed in the International Who's Who and has work with renowned gurus in areas such as Assessment Centers, Performance Consulting and Organisational Transformation.

Specialties: Talent Management System Design, Performance Management System Design, Selection System Design, Talent Assessment, Leadership Skills and Coaching

Marketing Director

Tetsuro T

Senior Sales Manager · Sales And Marketing Specialist · Overseas Sales Manager.

With more than 25 years engaged in sales, logistics and marketing in Japanese and foreign import/export trading companies and manufacturers.
Creating positive relationships with customers, suppliers, processors, and distributors were built.

Legal Advisor

Shingo H

Legal insights to real estate investment projects from Japan to North America and joint venture projects for Japanese and multinational companies.

Experience with Economic Affairs Bureau of the City Government of Yokohama, a law firm lawyer in Tokyo, and an in-house counsel of Fujita Corporation.

Ai Advisor

Michael M

Michael has Skills in : GPT3/4 · Artificial Intelligence (AI) · Natural Language Processing (NLP) · Amazon Web Services (AWS) End to End Solutions ·
Quantitative Finance course creation and consulting is a database certified associate and a top 1000 Medium content writer

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