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GameCrypto.co Website Project

Web3Create has developed a community based website Gamecrypto.co with over 3000 members and 30,000 app downloads all achieved in 3 months  GameCrypto also hosts a NFT Marketplace. Players can start to earn XP points as in game currency and exchange for NFTs.
NFTs can then be used in our upcoming RPG game BubbleTopia due out in 2022. Each NFT has different attributes, strengths and advantages, and will be an integral part of the game play.
NFT BubbleShooter – NFT Bubble Shooter is fun, exciting and relaxing with 60 levels shoot bubbles in the game and receive 100 XP Points for completing a level with 6000 XP Points for users to collect.
NFT Match3 – is an exciting way to Earn NFTs when playing our amazing Candy classic match 3 games. Combine 3 or more objects the same color for WIN! Earn 100 XP Points per level with 100 levels that can add up to 10,000 XP Points per game
NFT Blocks – A Fun and fast paced game will have you addicted to pop blocks for XP. Drag the blocks and put them into the grid Shatter the blocks by forming full lines to rotate the blocks Remove multiple lines at a time to score higher! 10,000 XP Points per game
NFT Runner – Play and Earn NFTs. Collect In game XP and exchange for FREE NFTs. Join Luminos as you overcome monsters, shoot ogres, zombies, and other aliens that try to stop you from collecting your XP points. 4000 XP Points per game
NFT Ninja – NFT Ninja: Join our Ninja warrior Ramos on his quest to earn XP points and collect NFTs. Play endless runner games and collect 8000 XP and exchange for NFTs.
NFT Sudoku – Sudoku addicting and fun to play, you will get rewarded 100 XP points for each game completed and with 1000 different games that’s a total of 100,000 XP Points ready to be earned Addicting and classic game, easy to play with different difficulties and Hint system!

We Develop Casual Apps and Dapps for Web2 and Web3 integration

Where players can earn in Game currency and NFTs to spend on real products.

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