There was darkness… The name given to this darkness was Voida.

Luminos was one of Voida’s children which is what we know as our universe.


Luminos, labored for countless billions of years trying to fill the cold blackness of space with the color, heat and power of nebulae, suns, planets and black holes.

All spinning, whirling, colliding and exploding in a stellar symphony of patterned chaos.

Finally, Luminos was spent. Stretched too thinly, his lights began to fade away into the darkness of his mother’s existence. “I cannot go on.” “Have you failed too, Luminos?” “I have one last thing, which I can try…” “What?”

“This…” And with the last of his energy, Luminos stopped trying to grow ever larger, and started to draw everything that he had created back together again. All light, all matter, all dust and debris started to rapidly collapse upon itself.

Smaller and smaller, the speed of the collapse accelerated towards an ever-brightening point of staggering power until… …with a flash so intense that it almost reached what nothing else ever could, the limits of Voida, but not quite.

Voida was astonished by this single act of sacrifice and the power that came of it. Luminos was gone, but Voida noticed something strange where Luminos had once been… a bubble.

A single tear of pride did Voida shed upon this bubble, for not one of her previous children had ever been able to leave any trace of themselves behind. The tear invigorated the bubble and it split in two. It multiplied again and again.

Within each bubble, the tear had become torrents of life-giving water. Oceans of it rained down upon the places within each bubble, causing living things to grow and be fruitful.

The oceans teemed with life, the forests sprang up upon the land, mountains jutted up taking water with them, which flowed down as rivers and waterfalls.

The Water of Life bubbled with effervescence and over time people inhabited the lands. After a million more years or so, the people started to notice something; the growth of things was slowing.

The cycle of life and death was beginning to fall out of balance. That which lived cold not grow or multiply as it once did. Some trees stopped bearing fruit, and the fruit of some that did, bore no seeds.

Families were shrinking over time. Fewer children were being born each decade. The waters did not bubble as they once did.

The water, most of it, had become mundane. The Water of Life was becoming scarce. Eventually, the rivers began to dry up. Patches of farmland had become scorched and turned to dust.

A sense of doom and foreboding began to cast a shadow over everything. This was not Voida’s darkness. This was a darkness of a different sort.

Something evil was pressing upon the peoples of the lands. Every town and village had to send out search parties to find the places where the Water of Life could be found. Others sought out answers for what was happening and why.

Some oppressive enemies were discovered, but nothing seemed to explain why the lands were dying.

As time went on, village after village was visited by an old wizard. A wizard who had been busy gathering knowledge and power.

He carried one of the great artifact staves, and consistently blew on a pipe. The odd thing was, he never smoked from the pipe. He only ever used it to blow bubbles. As frivolous as this seemed, his message was not. “I have crossed the places in between!

The bubbles that you can see in the night sky… are connected… connected to us! I have been there! There are other people who, like us, are suffering from a lack of the Water of Life.

I do not yet know why the Water becomes less than it was, but there is still time… time to prevent disaster.”

He never stayed long in one place. Always wandering, warning, occasionally teaching, but never settling.

His message was then held dear, remembered and repeated by the healers, scouts and other wizards who had started fighting back against this scourge.

Many years later still, in the small, unassuming village of Balasa, a new face to fight the evil emerged…

And so the story of BubbleTopia begins…

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