Web3Create is a young innovative technology company based out of Singapore.

The company builds blockchain-agnostic token-solutions for an entirely new era of blockchain-powered business models.

Web3Create ‘s primary areas of expertise are RPG Games and NFT reward programs for SME


Though we’re very early in the days of Web3, Web3Create intends to lead the way in terms of NFT and game development for merchants, brands and gamers when it comes to decentralization in the blockchain industry.

Our company aims to build new and unique experience for our partners and customers. We have begun doing this in a blockchain-agnostic fashion and will continue to innovate around the needs of a new era of business models that are emerging thanks to Web3 technology.


We believe the future of utility NFT games, and tokens does not only revolve around a jpeg image, but rather around real use cases in the physical and digital world combined.

Within the coming decade, many organizations, brands and consumers will have moved away from centralized stakeholder structures to fully decentralized stakeholder structures governed by tokens, NFTs, blockchains, and protocols.

We envision a day where millions of NFT-based stakeholders will transact seamlessly using NFTs as a means of transacting in the digital and physical worlds as a part of normal business and entertainment in everyday life.

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