Empowering Businesses
and Individuals With Ai

Introducing generative Ai chatbots for business and personal blogs 

Consultant Ai Lets you have your own expert in your pocket.

Get ready to experience the power of super intelligent Ai chatbots that can assist you in your daily life. ask questions, solve problems, increase sales and feel the power of having your own personal assistant 24/7. 

Business Chatbots

Create and connect with your website customers though a conversational Chatbot 24/7. Customers will love to discuss with a witty, and funny chatbot answering their questions and queries


Include our Ad monetization platform directly into your chatbot and receive a passive income 24/7

Personal Chatbots

For Blogs and niche websites use our conversational chatbot to engage customers and provide informative and specific answers to your specialist area. .


Include our Ad monetization platform directly into your chatbot and receive a passive income 24/7


Choose your language Reponses, personality mood, and even style of reply to customers. From talkative to bubbly we can provide any personality you desire for your chatbot.


Choose your model
1. Free with chatbot ads
2. monthly plan NO ADS

What is Web3create

We provide Services for Chatbot integrations 

We are committed to democratizing the world of Generative Ai .  

Though our platform at Consultant Ai we have taken up the challenge, shouldering the burden of this complex work.

Our mission is to empower everyone to perform at their best, while we handle the intricate mechanics of bringing our AI consultants to life.

IT Consultant Chatbots
Marketing Consultant Chatbots
Education Consultant Chatbots
Fitness Consultant Chatbots
Health Consultant Chatbots

AI Consultants

Web3 Projects

Ai Chatbot Platform

Speech Chatbots

Ai News

Ai and DX in Japan

Ai and dx training courses in Japan. AiHub Academy, a renowned online learning platform, has unveiled an innovative initiative aimed at expediting the digital revolution

reskilling in japan

Ai and Reskilling in Japan

Reskilling workers and  boosting the value of individuals, is vital for countries and companies to thrive amidst rapid change and innovation. Reskilling is essential for

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